Midweek Tidbits

Welcome to Wednesday - the Interweb is active this week. Oh and happy St. Patrick's Day!
  • If you've seen the Oscar-winning movie "The Hurt Locker", you've probably wondered how any type of suit the military could engineer can save you from an exploding bomb. This article explains how these suits actually work.
  • Blue C Sushi is calling all sushi lovers to its sushi eating contest! This is your chance to prove just how many sushi rolls you can put down.
  • Let's all be inspired by this penguin that has embraced his individuality!
  • My friend Sara shared this video that pokes fun at the various ways soccer players (seem to) fake injuries and obtain penalty kicks.
  • I usually don't pay attention to cable news simply because we don't have cable, but the recent comments by Glenn Beck regarding social justice and the church have reached my ears via the Burnside Writers Collective, which I frequent. Social justice can never be separated from the gospel of Jesus. 
  • Those who follow Major League Soccer know there could be a possibility of a strike in the coming weeks. This interview with Seattle's own Kasey Keller helps explain the players' side and the issues that are at stake. Keller: "This is not the NFL, this is not the NBA, this isn't a case of every team full of multimillionaires trying to be a little bit bigger of a millionaire. This is truly some guys trying to get things done the right way." Conversely, Sounders FC co-owner shares his thoughts on a potential strike, calling it "destructive and misguided". Here's hoping for successful mediation and that the season really does start March 25.
  • And finally, I was sad to hear that actor Peter Graves passed away on Sunday. I grew up watching the original "Mission: Impossible" with my uncle, and Mr. Phelps was my favorite character. Goodbye Peter!

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