A very urban birthday

Friday was a day filled with birthday wishes and one very unfortunate surprise - our car was broken into during the previous night and the thieves stole Mark's work laptop and our iPod Touch, leaving behind a mess of broken glass. Mark parked in our house's garage behind the house, which he rarely does, which must have seemed more inviting to the car-prowling sort. Though we very much miss our iPod Touch, we're grateful it was only the car and not the apartment. The window has since been fixed but the invasion of privacy will take a little longer to get over.

Our car, sitting innocuously in the carport/garage behind our house.

They smashed in the passenger window.

So much glass!

The silver lining - Mark's jacket was in the back seat but they didn't take it, which means they didn't take our tickets to the 8 p.m. showing of "Chicago" at the Paramount. The show was absolutely incredible - of all the shows I've seen in Seattle, "Chicago" tops them in terms of talent. Every cast member was an outstanding dancer and the show was highly entertaining. It was a fun way to celebrate the day and take our minds off the car. Thanks Mark!

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