Some thoughts from the weekend.

1. Mark and Melanie and I went to our friend’s rugby game this weekend. Everything I’ve learned about rugby has been gleaned from the movie “Invictus”, which means I had next to no clue what was going on during the game. I told my friend Maile that her new goal is to teach me about rugby! (She played in college).

2. I tend to be a solitary creature. I like to do things by myself and figure things out on my own. I normally include running in my “alone” time (I think I’ve only run twice with a partner) but took a chance and invited a friend to run with me this weekend. Turns out I really enjoyed it! I didn’t have to listen to my “Running” playlist of the same 26 songs and keep myself occupied because Claire did that for me. Plus it was a gorgeous day and it’s always better to share gorgeous days with others, right? Now if I can only get Mark to like running…

3. We watched “The Amazing Race” last night and I decided that my brother and I might have a decent shot at getting on the show. They like sibling teams, and the twin factor is appealing. Could I actually do the challenges? That’s a different story.

4. Speaking of TV, our guilty pleasure started a new season last night: "The Celebrity Apprentice". There’s just something about watching B-list celebrities running around and trying to complete business challenges that is very appealing to us. Sharon Osbourne is on this season and did not disappoint – very funny and extremely irreverent. Plus, Bret Michaels was surprisingly lucid. I guess I thought he’d be stoned the whole time.

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Esther said...

Flyn and I watched Celebrity Apprentice too! It is highly entertaining :)