A letter to a deviant feline

To the cute neighbor cat living somewhere down the street:

You are cute – this I will admit. But you HAVE to stop peeing on my zucchini mounds. Mark caught you IN THE ACT yesterday so you cannot deny you’ve been using my garden as a litterbox. I know a giant mound of dirt must be like a magnet for you but I’m counting on that hill to yield zucchinis this summer so please – STOP. In the event you do not cease and desist, we will resort to drastic measures.

We have a BB gun… and Mark knows how to use it. Consider yourself warned.


Jessica said...

Oohh... I can see what I can do about getting my grandma's slingshot!

Jennifer said...

Oh man, this is happening to us also. Nextdoor neighbors cats (Seems like they've got 12 of them, but I think they've really got like 4 or 5) keep using our front planter beds where my lettuce is.

I'm almost positive the lady who lived here before us used to feed them. They lounge all over our property like they own the place!