To all you jewelry owners

Listen up ladies! If you have any kind of ring that encourages any sort of upkeep (i.e. rings with set stones), I'd encourage you to take it regularly to a jeweler for cleaning and possible maintenance. We got my engagement ring at E.E. Robbins, and we're supposed to bring it in every six months for a cleaning and an inspection. We took it in yesterday and they discovered that the stone was coming loose in its setting, so I had to leave it with them to be fixed. I wouldn't have known the stone was loose until I had already lost it, so thank goodness that was avoided! My finger feels naked without the ring but that's better than losing the diamond somewhere in Seattle.

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smilinshell11 said...

I love E.E. Robbins. That is where we got my ring and the same thing happened where they wanted to fix one of the prongs. They almost need a "loner" ring like when you take your car into the dealership so you don't feel so naked!