Midweek Tidbits: Home and Garden edition

I'm kind of lost when it comes to interior decorating. Luckily my hubby has a creative eye and is slowly teaching me how to find mine. For example, he cut a small branch from our curly willow tree (I'm not really sure if that's what kind of tree it is... but that's what it looks like) and put it in a vase in the kitchen. I wasn't a huge fan but nearly every visitor to our apartment that week asked where we got it.

Apartment Therapy has lots of tips for small spaces - perfect for urban twenty-somethings like us. I love before and after pictures!

As a newbie gardener, I've been scouring the Web for gardening advice and stumbled onto This Garden Is Illegal - the musings of a woman who really is obsessed with gardening. She's funny and honest and, let's not kid ourselves, I might've cried when I read her post about the passing of her beloved cat.

This veggie garden looks like a rabbit heaven. And honestly... do the leeks look like giant green daddy long-legs to anyone else? It's kind of creeping me out.

Did you know that the coriander spice comes from the cilantro plant? We have a cilantro plant on our deck and are hoping to harvest the seeds eventually - this video shows us how! It looks like it'll take a lot more time until they're ready to harvest.

I guess this post really tipped toward the garden part of the scale... shows where my focus is.

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