A misty Mount Si morning

Our friend Nicole gave us a book called "Washington Hiking", detailing over 400 hikes within driving/ferry distance of us. She gave it to us a year and a half ago but, sadly, I can only claim to have gone on three hikes so far... the latest of which was Saturday.

Mount Si is #113 in chapter 3 - the northern Cascades. My friend Lori and I tackled the eight-mile trek and emerged victorious if not soaking wet. We didn't anticipate a snowy trail for the final mile before the top and our tennis shoes were not equipped for such slush. Honestly, snow in May? Come on!

At first, the snow wasn't on the trail - we thought, oh look at the pretty snow!

The higher we hiked, the worse the trail. We were slipping all over the place.

During the hike, we kept passing (and being passed) by a father and his daughter, who seemed around our age. We met up with them at the top and they shared their trail mix with us - a delicious concoction of dried papayas, dried mangoes, craisins, chocolate chips, and chopped Fig Newtons. Unfortunately, the cloudy weather afforded us no view from the top of the mountain, as you can see from the shot above. I hear that on a clear day you can see all the way to Seattle and beyond, but I'll have to go back to see that.

We found this chipmunk at the top. ("ALVIN!!")

It was freezing up there! We ate our lunch so we could leave quickly.

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