Some snippets from the weekend

Is it nearly June already? May flew by, what with this new garden venture and the lovely day off we enjoyed today. I haven't blogged as much in the last couple of weeks because I've felt like I haven't had much to tell (not that I really do anyway, I suppose...). But I condensed some recent experiences into sound bites so I at least have something to share!

1. Our Seattle Sounders FC played the Colorado Rapids on Saturday night - Mark and I had our friend Brian over to watch the game but the Sounders disappointed us with a 0-1 loss. My brother, Richard, has season tickets to the Rapids and I did see him on TV a couple times - one time he was on his phone texting me! (I said, we'll really know it's Richard if my phone rings in a second - and it did). We were hoping for bragging rights over Richard but the day belonged to Colorado in the end, so I guess we just have to put up with it for now! :)

2. After the Sounders game, Mark grilled kalbi short ribs I had marinated earlier that day - they turned out quite nicely. I'm not used to bones in my meat - anything that keeps me from scarfing down food is just a hindrance - but I'd make it again, bones and all.

3. We went over to our friend Sam's house for a barbecue today - thanks for the delicious food, Sam! We used the leftover chicken in some fried rice that Jessica helped me make, complete with carrots, corn and snap peas.

Long weekends are fantastic... made even better because now it's just a four-day work week. Yes!


Oh Sweet Jenny said...

glad to hear you liked that Kalbi marinade - as soon as I saw that recipe last week I decided I would be using it to make Kalbi beef skewers for a Small Group BBQ this weekend!

Heather Seymour said...

Yes it is quite delicious!