Book on iPod

I’m in a pickle.

The written word versus the spoken word. I’ve been listening to an audiobook I downloaded from the library and transferred to my iPod. My question is this – do I add this book to my “Reading/Recently Finished” list (which you can find on the right side of this blog)?

I almost added it. But I stopped myself because I couldn’t successfully convince myself that I was “reading” the book, and thus thought I was being deceptive. I may be experiencing the book (as read by Ethan Hawke) but I’m certainly not reading it.

So should I add it to my list? When I finish listening to the audio recording, does that mean I have still not “read” the book? AM I WASTING MY TIME?


John8com said...

I think if you can understand the book audibly just as well as reading you should add it...but what do I know. At the end of the day, it's what you've learned from reading or listening, not the method.


smilinshell11 said...

I think you should add it! :) I just finished my first audio book from the library. I really liked it and it helped passing the time to and from work in the car.