Clothing diet?

Six pieces of clothing. Could you only wear six pieces of clothing for one month?

A group of about 150 people have taken upon themselves this very challenge. While I think it's a bit extreme and couldn't say I'd ever do it myself, I'm now trying to figure out what six items I'd choose from my closet if I did. Certain items don't count toward the total: undergarments, work-out clothes, outer jackets and shoes (although if outer jackets weren't included, I know my North Face would make the top six!)

1. Black slacks - a must for work.

2. Jean capris - I can suffer through a hot day with them and they'll kinda pass for pants on a cooler day.

3. Black tank top - I wear one of these under nearly everything, so it has to be top six. 

Here's where it gets tricky.

4. Black short-sleeve collared shirt - dressy enough for work, casual enough for play.

5. Plain green v-neck tee - see above.

6. Black shirt-dress - it's work-safe but easy to move around in. My shorts substitute.

But could I actually go 31 days wearing (mainly) only these six pieces? I'd get pretty bored pretty fast and wonder when my co-workers were going to start asking me if a fire burned down my place and all I escaped with were a few items I could throw in a backpack. But according to the NY Times article on the experiment, some participants reported that no one noticed their lack of variety. So... I'm going to stop feeling awkward when I wear the same dress twice in two weeks. Booyah.

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