On enablers and doomed friendships

Netflix has been a pretty good friend to us through the year or so we’ve paid for their services. But lately… Netflix has been a JERK.

We’d lately gotten into a show called “Party Down”, a comedy originally airing on the cable network Starz. Netflix even recommended it to us based on what we’d already watched – they know us so well. It’s a tad creepy. Anyway we’d watched the first season and were one episode into the second when, without warning (or maybe they had been posting a warning and we didn’t see it), Starz decided to remove the show completely from Netflix. This came on the heels of Starz’ decision to cancel “Party Down” from its lineup since most of its lead actors were moving to bigger and better projects. So not only were we beginning a friendship that was already destined to end, but our means of participating in that friendship was destroyed.

Starz, how dare you remove your product from the clutches of the mainstream. I hate to break this to you, but there are plenty of people out there who refuse to pay for your channel and would’ve never seen the show without Netflix. I will not forget this.

Netflix – YOU ENABLER.

The establishment has forced us to take drastic measures, so we will still be enjoying “Party Down” through other means.

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