Spin me a tale

I’ve participated in my fair share of spinning classes (stationary cycling) at the gym but hadn’t been to one in months until last night – it was everything I remembered and more. Burning quads, dripping sweat and an instructor warning us that we are not to leave our bikes, even for water – raise your hand and he’ll refill your bottle (heaven forbid if you actually forgot your water bottle). While most of the class members are ordinary joes like you and me, I’ve identified certain types of people you tend to find in these classes.

1. Lance Armstrong 2.0
He doesn’t wear a helmet but he will wear his skin-tight bike shorts, butt padding included. He’s probably supplementing his training for an upcoming race and will surely outshine the rest of us, and maybe even the instructor too. He usually sits front and center – the leader of the pack.

2. The Girl Who Refuses to Sweat
Full disclosure: I am not this girl. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to be this girl but I have accepted that it will never happen. Anti-perspirant’s got nothin’ on me. Whether her lack of glisten is from not working hard enough or just great genes, you’ll find her pedaling away and probably thanking her lucky stars not to be one of the sweaty messes next to her. Oh and her eye makeup stays perfectly set and smudge-free. Jealous.

3. The Noob Who Underestimates Spinning
“You’re on a fake bike, how hard can it be?” Spinning is not for the faint of heart, especially with a great instructor. Some join the class because they remember bike riding to be a leisurely activity of their youth (this might have been me). Those who aren’t fully committed from the start tend to lose heart halfway through and make a hasty exit – you can tell by their broken spirits. Tip: don’t let it break your spirit.

Am I missing anyone else?

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Oh Sweet Jenny said...

You crack me up! I can totally picture all of these people as you describe them...

I have never been to a spinning class for two reasons: 1) Part of me thinks that I'd be your 3rd character reference, and 2), the other part of me thinks I'd be in for a major butt-kicking, and it scares me.

Is it odd that I'm that so oppositely conflicted with myself?