Crawling into a hole now

An Asian supermarket just opened last week at the mall next to my office, in one of those larger spaces where a Penney’s or Macy’s would normally be. The one thing this area needs is a grocery store, so I thought I’d check it out during my lunch break. I’m not sure if it’s because the store just had its grand opening or whether it will always be like this, but I have never felt as socially overwhelmed as I did when I walked through the front doors. Just think of Uwajimaya (another Asian supermarket in Seattle) on a Saturday and combine it with REI during a sale. It was that crazy. Not only is it a supermarket but there’s also a food court inside, adding to the mayhem as customers jostled in line and cashiers shouted out numbers so the next hungry buyer could move forward.

I was hit by at least three carts steered by little old ladies. And I didn’t even have a cart. My heels probably have dents in them. After about 10 minutes of wandering around the store looking for tahini so I could make edamame hummus, something in me flipped and I ran out the side exit. The hummus can wait until tomorrow.

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