Sibling rivalry

Mark and I biked to the Sounders game last night to watch our team take on the Colorado Rapids – a family rivalry, since my brother is among the Rapids’ staunchest supporters. I forgot my cell phone so I started the trash texting on Mark’s phone. Below is a recalling of our conversation though it isn’t quite word for word since I don’t have Mark’s phone in front of me. But you get the gist.

Heather: Hey this is Heather on Mark’s phone, I forgot my phone! We are already at the game.
Richard: Heyyyy! I am at the Bulldogs pub downtown for the game!
Richard: We’re going to beat the Flounders!! Hahaha!

The Sounders score, then the Rapids score 30 seconds later, causing me to cancel my celebratory text…

Richard: GOOOOOOAAAALLLL! Did you celebrate too early???!!
Heather: I was just texting you when you scored so I canceled it!
Heather: What did you pay off the ref or something?
Richard: Yes we did…
Richard: Meh poor defending led to that goal…

Sounders score again.

Richard: dammit!!
Heather: He’s big, he’s tall, he’s a mother ‘----ing wall, Kasey Keller! [Sounders goalkeeper]

The game is called, Sounders win 2-1

Heather: next time man
Richard: Ahhh I am so sad!!

Gotta love rivalry.

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