Dentist Schmentist

I went to the dentist on Monday for the first time in AGES. Seriously. I don’t even remember when my last cleaning was so I told them it was five years ago (or somewhere around there) and waited for the barrage of judgment from the dentist and her team of dental hygienists. Isn’t that what we all normally experience at the dentist? Chair-side lectures on our flossing habits (or lack thereof) and how we should invest in an electronic toothbrush?

I can honestly say that this wasn’t how Monday went. I gave the dentist and hygienists multiple chances to pass judgment but they must have done some sort of patient sensitivity training because they dodged every opportunity.

Dentist: “When was your last teeth cleaning?”
Heather: “Um… five years ago? I know, that’s SO bad…”
Dentist: “But you’re here now, and that’s what counts!”

Well, aren’t you just Ms. Positive.

Hygienist: “Do you know where your retainers are?”
Heather: “… No…”
Hygienist: “Well… I don’t know where mine are either!”

Points for honesty. Plus they gave me some really cool floss that feels tons better than the boring Safeway brand I use. Oh and they provide free teeth whitening for life – I can’t wait to try out my whitening trays!


Oh Sweet Jenny said...

PLEASE tell me the dentist you used. ;) Mike and I were just talking on Tuesday about needing to go to the dentist because it has been since before we moved out (5 years, also)! I could use a little lightheartedness from the Dentist!

Heather Seymour said...

I went to Aesthetica Contemporary Dentistry here in Seattle (Eastlake). They were really nice and made sure I was comfortable and taken care of! Let me know if you do go, I'd love to hear your take. :)