The Great Gym Switcharoo

So this title may be a bit misleading as no switcharoo has occurred just yet. I'm weighing the pros and cons of switching from my current gym, LA Fitness, to 24 Hour Fitness. I have a ton of bullet points for each gym, so bear with me.

Pros for staying with LA Fitness
  • The gym is less than a block from my office, making a lunchtime or post-work workout super convenient.
  • I get off work at 4:30, so I get to this gym before the after-work rush hour - better machine and weights availability. The earlier I get to the gym, the earlier I get home.
Cons for staying with LA Fitness
  • If I forget any piece of my workout wardrobe, say my shoes, I'd have to drive home to Seattle - and there's no way I'm coming back 15 miles to work out.
  • There seems to be a high concentration of creepers. 
  • The gym is small - when it comes to weights, there are only two sets of everything. Two sets of fill-in-the-blank-pound weights, two sets of leg press machines, two sets of incline benches, etc. When the gym starts to fill up, you have to get in the rotation with everyone else. And as I like to say, I don't play well with others.
Pros for moving to 24 Hour Fitness
  • The gym is about two miles away from our apartment - I can easily drive, bike or run there.
  • I'm much more likely to go 2 miles to work out on a weekend than drive 15 miles out of the city (I drive down there every day, why would I want to go on a weekend?)
  • My friend Lori also works out there - everything is better with a friend.
  • The monthly rate is $5 cheaper.
  • Bigger gym = more equipment.
  • Free parking garage after 5 p.m.
Cons for moving to 24 Hour Fitness
  • Bigger gym = more people.
  • I'd be working out during the prime time of weekday workouts - 5:30ish - which would push back the time I get home.
  • The area where the gym is located is sketchy at best.
  • Street parking on the weekends.
I think I've already made my decision... now I need to stop flirting (the seven-day free pass at 24 Hour was helpful) and COMMIT.


April said...

I was trying to pick between anytime fitness and 24 hour fitness... made up my mind and am going to the 24 hour fitness. too bad, we aren't going to the same one.

Heather Seymour said...

That is too bad! We could've been workout buddies. :) Did you get an all-gym pass or just the one gym? If you got an all-gym, we'll work out when you visit!