We declare this... our Independence Day!

“Now that’s what I call a close encounter.” – Will Smith

Don’t play, you know you love it. My brother and I used to watch this movie ALL the time.

Speaking of the 4th, Mark and I hosted a party at our place on Sunday for nearly 30 people. I think we maxed out the capacity of what our apartment can handle – we’ll make sure not to go over that number in the future.

We spent the few hours we had after church getting the apartment ready for guests. We invited everyone to come at 3 p.m. so they could try and find somewhat close parking. Our neighborhood has a front-row view to the fireworks so parking is always in high demand.
Our deck faces Lake Union, where the fireworks were later launched. It was fun to crowd everyone out there and ooh and ahh. Our one big beef was with the radio station that streamed the music for the show - the radio announcers talked through the entire event, explaining to their listeners what kind of shells were going off and what colors they were - WE DON'T CARE. Announcers, just shut up and let us enjoy the music! Isn't that why you stream the music in the first place? So viewers of the fireworks who aren't at the city party at Gas Works Park can also listen to the music? My goodness.
Our friend Brian (left) brought over his Xbox 360 and Fifa Soccer 10 so party-goers could participate in a two-on-two tournament all day. Everyone really got into it and the tourney was a great way to pass the time until the fireworks show. Brian and Bethany won the tournament as the Brazilian national team, with Mark and Melanie coming in second as Argentina.
Another Brian brought over a Nintendo Wii, a projector, and Rock Band, which we set up in our spare room. I have now discovered my new passion. I love trying to improve my skills on the guitar and drums and I'm pretty sure if I had this game then I'd play it all the time. I have this need to be good at everything I do... annoying, I know.
You can see the masses of people starting to gather at Gas Works. This was before the rain set in... the weather did clear up by the time the fireworks show started, but we were grateful not to be outside.
It was lovely having everyone over. Until next year!

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